Welcome to the Oxygen Consulting Think Tank

Oxygen Consulting think tankThe Think Tank is the place to come to discuss strategic topics connected to the global health and fitness industry.

Joining is very quick and free. There is a one-time registration after which you can join the interesting discussions that take place.

Before you begin, please have a quick read of these guidelines:

  • Please register using your real name rather than a company profile. It is really nice when people know who they are talking to.
  • If your chosen profile name sounds ‘spammy’ then it may be deleted e.g. Steve133 rather than Steve Smith.
  • Please do not register using a Hotmail address as I will assume it is spam.
  • Please remember this is a ‘Think Tank’ which means we like to discuss things that make the brain work a little.
  • Say things you will later be proud of. Even if you later delete something, Google may already have saved it.
  • Always be nice (make your parents proud:)
  • Freely express your opinions, but always try and back up your facts.
  • Ask questions – it is how we all learn.
  • Please don’t use the Think Tank just to sell stuff – be a ‘giver‘ as well.
  • Have fun using the Think Tank.


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Ray Algar
Managing Director

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